How to get at least 105 free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings

As a preface, this does involve a little work, but if you’re as crazy as I am for free stuff, you’ll do it.

Courtesy: Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page

Courtesy: Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page

Buffalo Wild Wings is currently doing their “Blazin Bonus promotion” where you can get a promotional card with every $25 purchase of gift cards. You can find out the amount of this promotional card after January 1st by going online and entering the card number. The card will be worth $5, $15, $25, or $100 with obviously the majority being $5 and must be used January 1 – February 28, 2015. You can use multiple promotional cards with one order.

As with every contest, no purchase in necessary, so here’s how to get your free promotional cards:

* Send a hand written self-addressed, stamped envelope (Vermont folks don’t need to remit return postage) to BWW Blazin’ Bonus® Game, PO Box 50188, Minneapolis, MN 55405
* inside the envelope include a hand written note with your name, street address (no PO Boxes), age, daytime phone number
* Must be 18 or older
* Limit of four separate entries per person
* Limit of four entries per household

So here are the calculations:

4 entries per person = 4 * at least $5 = $20
4 entries per house = at least $20 * 4 = $80
32 stamps (1 to send it, 1 for return envelope) $15.68

Total profit = at least $64

I personally used the (now expired)$10 off $50 Office Depot sync offer to buy my stamps in order to save some money.

Once you have your gift cards, stretch this free food even further by going on Wing Tuesdays for $.60 for traditional wings or Thursdays for $.60 boneless wings! $64 / $.60 = 105 wings!

Does this take a lot of work? Sure. Is it worth it? Of course! I’ve done this the last three years and have enjoyed free food.



  1. Great deal! But are you sure you can submit 16 times? The way i read the 4 limit per household, is a global limit – so for your address, only a total of 4 entries. Not 4×4…

  2. The real question is it it one gift card per visit or can you combine the gift cards into one glorious visit?

  3. Thanks for the info! Do you know if they use the phone numbers for anything? Do you put the same phone number on for all family members?

  4. I’m just getting around to doing this now, so if it is just me and my wife, how many entries for each of us and total can we enter? A little confused…

  5. Just wondering if anyone has received their gift cards yet. Still waiting on mine, but I didn’t send them in until a day or two before the postmark date.

  6. My son, his wife, and several members of her family sent in entries. No one received any back. I just spoke with Kathy in their corporate office – she didn’t have any record of any of them on her list. She said the contest is “while supplies last” so that theirs was probably received after they ran out of promotional cards. They sent the entries in the beginning of December.

  7. If it was while supplies last, then why was the website where you had to submit your information and print out your confirmation page still running?! Looks like I’ll be calling BWW tomorrow. If the promotion was no longer valid, they should have taken that page down.

  8. I was thinking the same thing @Up&Away! Please let us know what you find out. FYI I mailed my submissions in around December 22nd I believe.

  9. @Jason any interest in calling BWW corporate and being a collective voice for us? @Up&Away is right if the site was still up and we were able to print confirmations that seems like a clear indication they should have still had cards to mail.

  10. @Rusty – sorry about the delay in replying, I can certainly give it a shot and see what they say. I’ll report back and let you know

  11. Never did get my promo cards. Sent them in around Dec. 22nd. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

  12. I just realized I never received any of mine either. Did anyone have any luck contacting BWW and resolving this?

  13. @mike – i received about half but it doesn’t appear anyone else had any luck getting BWW to resolve this. Guess we’ll just have to try earlier next time.

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