My Hilton Diamond Card has arrived

Last year I signed up for the American Express Hilton Surpass card and easily surpassed the $40,000 yearly spend to become a Hilton Diamond.

I’ve had the Diamond status since fall of last year, but my packet finally arrived last week.

The most surprising thing was the expiration date on the card for my Diamond Status. 03/2012.

This is fantastic news as our planned award trip to the Maldives wasn’t going to be able to happen until latet 2011 / early 2012.

I’ll get my first opportunity to use my Diamond status next week in Anaheim, but having read up on this thread on Flyertalk, my expectations of extra benefits have been tempered a bit.


  1. I am looking into getting the card. Have you figured out why the Diamond status is good for more than two years? I thought when you reach the threshold you will be Diamond for the rest of the calendar year and the whole next year.

  2. Bingo, I got my 3/11 creditials and received 3/12 last week. Thanks, Amex! Of course it just means I can put the card away – except for Hilton spend – for the next year. Hah!

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