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At What Point Do A Punk Rocker’s Shoes Become A Weapon?

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I just returned from a timely vacation in Sweden, taking advantage of a 32,000 Delta SkyMiles roundtrip flash sale. While going through security at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, I noticed that the female passenger ahead of me was wearing metal-studded shoes. She was accompanied by a male companion who was wearing a metal-studded jacket. I wondered…

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Twitter musicians rally behind England before the Sweden vs England match Saturday

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I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about the Sweden vs England World Cup match on Saturday. Back in 1994, I was living in Stockholm and the city was absolutely bonkers about the success of the Swedish football team who took third place in the World Cup. Since then, I’ve been an avid…

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Amazing $400 airfares from Boston to Stockholm May-August on multiple carriers

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I’m taking my oldest daughter in high school on her very first overseas flight. I let her pick the destination and she’s always wanted to return to the country where her ancestors are from – Sweden. I’ve been looking for some decent airfares from various East Coast cities and discovered that the Boston to Stockholm…

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A chance to travel to Sweden

Each and everyone one of us usually has ancestors that came from another country. As an American traveling, I’m become appreciative of the different cultures, different landscapes, and different food varieties that are offered. Having ancestors that came from Sweden, I’m especially curious as to how they lived and struggled trying to survive back then.…

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Princess Victoria of Sweden vacations in Bora Bora

I already knew that Bora Bora has been my absolute favorite vacation spot that I’ve ever been – but even Swedish royalty has discovered it as well. The Swedish Princess Victoria and her new husband Daniel Westling recently were married. Victoria is the oldest daughter of the current king and queen of Sweden.

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