Did you receive your mystery check from American Express yet?

Has anyone else receive an unexpected check in the mail from American Express? My wife was surprised to open an envelope this weekend and see a $200 check from American Express. She was expecting a card offer or advertisement. The letter said the enclosed check was “reimbursement for the value of Starwood Starpoints that we were unable to apply to your account at the time you earned them.”

Free cash

Free cash

A few people on Flyertalk are speculating it might be a scam. It concerned people that the checks were an even dollar amount. How can everyone who received a check end up with an even dollar amount? Also, another red flag to some-the checks were issued by what some consider a competitor to American Express.

My wife did not think it was a scam, but she called American Express anyway, and they indeed confirmed that it is legitimate. She made sure to use the phone number on the back of the physical American Express card and not any phone numbers included in the letter. She asked them how they calculate the dollar amount for each customer. The agent said he doesn’t know how they did the calculations and he thinks it was Starwood who determined this. It seems the American Express agents are not sure of the specifics. They did say the discrepancy came from an annual audit.

For my wife, this reimbursement of points awarded was on a Starwood American Express account that was cancelled in 2011.

Personally I also had my own Starwood American Express account but have not receive a check in the mail though it was open during that same time period.

Have any of you received this same mystery check in conjunction with the Starwood American Express card?


  1. I received one for 299.65. AMEX couldn’t confirm it, nor could JP Morgan Chase Bank, the issuing bank listed on check. They both said I probably shouldn’t cash it. If a scam, maybe by cashing it would somehow give the scammer your account and routing number. idk

  2. I also just received a $400 and have no idea…..It also said, “reimbursement for the value of Starwood Starpoints that we were unable to apply to your account at the time you earned them.”

    Depositing it now 🙂

  3. I received 10K starwood points from Amex with a letter related to miss credited points. No idea where those came from, all that I could think is maybe I referred someone for the credit card.

  4. No check yet, but I did receive a $40 credit on my wife’s Blue AmEx that just says “Credit Adjustment for billing inquiry.” We have not used that card in at least a year and hadn’t sent in any requests regarding billing. Likely also a annual audit thing. I’ll take it. 🙂

  5. I also got a check from them for $200. I believe it said it was from my Delta AmEx account. I just depositited it. Took the money and ran!

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