Luckiest Loser contest

Priority Club recently had a contest to determine who the “Luckiest Loser” is – that is, the person with the highest amount of Hilton Honors points.

Due to the recent devaluation of Hilton points for redemptions, Priority Club decided to make a contest of it.

In order to participate, you had to send in a copy of your recent Hilton statement. It was a brilliant contest as Priority Club now has the information of some of the highest Hilton Honors participants.

The person with the highest point balance won 2 million Priority Club points.

Priority Club gave away 20,000 Priority Club points to each of the next 20,000 people who had the highest balances.

Luckily, I was one of the 20,000 chosen few and received 20,000 Priority Club points.


  1. OK, I see where you posted this back in February – under a heading of “1,000 Priority Points” – which is why I didn’t associate it with Hilton’s Luckiest Loser contest.

  2. Did you not post information on this contest/promotion? You said you entered, but I didn’t see a post on your blog announcing the contest/promotion.

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