Late-Night Pizza Craving Leads Carnival Cruise Passenger to Witness 3 A.M. Food Hall Brawl

A wild fight erupted on a Carnival cruise ship bound for Central America at 3 a.m. after “a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa” had a disagreement. Nick Richardson, a 43-year-old passenger, described the scene, saying he was on his way to get some pizza when he stumbled into what felt like a war zone. “I just want some pizza, God damn!” Nick exclaimed as punches and kicks flew among the passengers.

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As the fight was being broken up, a second fight broke out, with Nick declaring, “Welcome to America.”

Carnival issued a statement regarding the incident, confirming that the guests involved were fined and are permanently banned from sailing with the cruise line.

“As is our policy, we will not tolerate such behavior. The guests involved were fined and will not sail on Carnival Cruise Line again,” the statement read.


  1. “Welcome to America?” What a world class jerk. Good thing he’s not a follower of Jesus.

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