Delta frequent flier miles for Home Depot gift cards

One of our readers, Sice, points out that you can purchase Home Depot gift cards at and earn miles.

He purchased a $300 gift card for an upcoming Home Depot purchase and the 900 miles posted immediately.

From the Home Depot T&C

The world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer and the second largest retailer in the United States.

Not eligible on Installation Services and on purchases made with third-party partners where the customer is leaving the web site.

Eligible on the purchase of gift cards. Not eligible on purchases made to buy a gift card using a gift card.


  1. Forgot to mention to buy it on your Skymiles AMEX and get an additional 300 miles, 1200 miles for what you’re spending at Home Depot anyway!

  2. The whole skymilesshopping site was confusing, about how they actually track purchases (no value was passed from page to page once on the site so it wasn’t clear that they tracked it at all). I also could not tell if I could use one of their printable gift card services and still have it count toward the skymiles bonus (some merchants showed no miles if redirected from their main website to a third party site, and’s printable gift card service redirected). But free ground shipping on the gift card made it bearable to not have the immediate $ availability.

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