My crack the case offer from Priority Club isn’t as sweet as I thought

I was pretty excited when the mailer came two days ago from Priority Club about the Crack the Case offer of 310,000 points.

I quickly took the survey to fulfill one of the five challenges.

As I was reading through the rest of it, I discovered that my offer is actually terrible.

The Priority Club Visa offer is the following


Your latest assignment? Unlock this latch by earning 197,000 points with your Priority Club Visa Card before May 31, 2011. Charge eligible gas, groceries, hotels and more on your card and see the points add up. When you’ve earned 197,000 points by using your card, you’ll get 43,000 more bonus points from completing this task.

Remember, you earn points with every purchase you make!

Uh, ok. So my 310,000 points consists of earning 197,000 points before May 31st? Do they expect me to purchase a house on my Priority Club Visa? 6 Toyota Camrys?

I guess I should have realized that the offer would be too good to be true. I should have known as a PC Platinum / Ambassador that the threshold would be a little higher. Perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of Mr. Pickles on how to order $200,000 worth of coins.

Both of my kid’s offers consisted of earning 10,000 Priority Club points for simply opting in to email communication by providing their email addresses – so the promotion wasn’t a total loss.

Feel free to hit the comment button if you can thinking of anything I can buy for $200,000 and resell on Ebay.

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