Delta Suntrust Bank deal is almost done

If you’re planning on getting Delta Skymiles for opening up Suntrust Bank accounts, you’ll need to hurry.

Frugal Travel Guy has done a ton of work to make this deal very smooth.

Today I called Megan at Suntrust at 843-341-3101 and the process could not have been easier.

To recap:
Each Business Debit card is $55 for 25000 miles, and the Personal Debit card is $20 for 7500 miles or $55 for 15000 miles.

You can add four additional users to the Business account for $55 each for 25000 additional miles per user.

The minimum funding amount for the Business account is $1000 (there is a $10 fee if you fall below this amount per month). The Personal account is $100.

The Sky miles will post to your account within 6-8 weeks after your first Signature purchase.

Total cost for me will be $330 for 140,000 Delta Skymiles.


  1. &Worldtravelelr2 – Yes, I used my west coast address (Utah), went online and created my business as a DBA, sent in that form along with my driver’s license, and she sent me the signature cards which I signed and returned. I will now send the deposit. There were no issues with doing it at all.

  2. Jason,
    how did you set up the account? I couldnt do it online so I called. They told me no go with a PHX address and tax id. Did you use your west coast address?
    So you sent them a check for $1300 or so and asked them to open up an account for you with a print out of the Delta business debit card info? can you give me more details?

  3. Has anyone figured out how to get the Delta Suntrust BUSINESS deal when we are not from the midwest states listed on the requirement page?
    I was able to get a personal one, but NOT business, as my business is in PHX and thus my address and tax ID are here too?
    Someone on FLYERTALK said they were able to get a tax ID that was required via the federal govement, but when they gave suntrust their CA address, it was declined.

    • @worldtraveller2 – I’m not in the midwest states, on the west coast and I sent my original deposit by mail and all future deposits by mail as well and it worked fine.

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