An employee strike at the Conrad Maldives

This morning at about 4 am we heard rally cries from what sounded like a pep rally. It was really strange but we didn’t think anything of it.

We had breakfast at Atoll restaurant and there was completely new staff there and it seemed to be busier than usual. Afterward we found out that there is an employee strike going on (it seems to be the Maldivians rather than the foreign staff) and so the resort had pulled people from other sections of the resort to help out. There were people from the spa, the gift shop, and from the dive shop delivering food and helping out.

Due to the employee strike, all of the restaurants except atoll and Rangali Bar have been closed and all the excursions have been canceled. Other services such as housekeeping have been suspended.

Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve it soon – we were going to go on a dolphin cruise tonight and were scheduled to have cocktails at the underwater restaurant, Ithaa. Under the circumstances, I feel the resort has been doing really well to keep the place running.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to an article – a little unnerving with this quote:

The service in the island has not been disrupted. However, the strikers are threatening that they might have to disrupt the services to the inhouse guests if their demands are not met.



  1. Wow. Hope everything is ok and you stay safe.

    I stayed at the FS Kuda Huraa a few years back and was absolutely amazed by the economic proposition for the staff. The hotel has a nearby island for staff – who accept appointments for about 2 years. They work 6.5 days a year – but seemingly are paid very well. The hotel charges everything in usd – and levies a 10% service fee on everything – including the room rates. Several staff members assured me that all went to the staff, with no override to the hotel. Based on the rates at the hotel, a 60% occupancy rate and the number of staff, I calculated the staff were making on average US $50k a year. Several said they would work at the hotel for 2 years to save enough to move their family to the States to go to school. What a great story – and in all the hotels I’ve ever been to, except for SOL on Kangaroo Island, I’ve never seen a staff so truly dedicated to their positions.

  2. Dear Jason

    We hope you’re enjoying your stay with us and are happy to advise that the strike has been settled amicably this evening (Wednesday).

    We hope that all operations will be back to normal tomorrow and thank you for your understanding during this issue.

    Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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