Heading back to home and thinking of our next trip

Today is our last day in paradise, we have thoroughly enjoyed our vacation at the Conrad Maldives and would easily consider it #1 on the places that we’ve been.

I’m laying in my superior king water villa looking out the glass doors at the midnight blue waters rolling by.

We have a long, long way back home but I’m already thinking of our next trip.

I have two first class tickets on British Airways courtesy of the BA Visa card that have to be used by June of next year. We’ll be flying out of LAX – so what is the best use of these tickets?


  1. Well, considering that I think Palau is pure paradise, see if you can convince BA to take you:



    In September last year i took my family SYD-MNL-ROR-MNL-SYD, on a mix of Qantas and Continental….because PacificFlier went bankrupt right before our trip.

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