Suntrust Delta accounts

The friendly people at the Suntrust Bank in Hilton Head that helped us all open our Delta Suntrust checking accounts are no longer there.

I was waiting till the summer to ensure they got their commissions, but having heard this news, I am going to go ahead and close them. I just wanted to pass this information on.


  1. Could be. On the Business account, it may have dipped below $1000 sometime during the month. I thought I had it back above $1000 by the end of the statement cycle. I will phone CSR and ask.

  2. Everyone who has an a Continental Debit Card through Chase, got prorated annual fee rebates last week and I was hoping that SunTrust would follow suit, if and when they decided to discontinue their Skymiles Debit Cards. I closed my SunTrust Account last week, ahead of the $10.00 maintenance fee and yes, there was a staff reduction at the local branch and no chance of getting a prorated annual fee rebate with the maintenance fee each month. Just wasn’t worth keeping the account any longer.

  3. How long must we wait , to insure they don’t take back the miles. I have a business account, without much activity, 5 months old. some months they charge me a service fee. that’s not good.

    • @Jim – they can’t take back the miles – and the only reason you would get a service fee would be for going under 100 for the personal or 1000 for the business – did either of those happen?

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