Suntrust Delta accounts

The friendly people at the Suntrust Bank in Hilton Head that helped us all open our Delta Suntrust checking accounts are no longer there.

I was waiting till the summer to ensure they got their commissions, but having heard this news, I am going to go ahead and close them. I just wanted to pass this information on.


  1. I can confirm as the local contact they are indeed all gone, and closing or continuing your account will not affect Kris or Megan in anyway at this point.

  2. How long must we wait , to insure they don’t take back the miles. I have a business account, without much activity, 5 months old. some months they charge me a service fee. that’s not good.

  3. @Jim – they can’t take back the miles – and the only reason you would get a service fee would be for going under 100 for the personal or 1000 for the business – did either of those happen?

  4. Everyone who has an a Continental Debit Card through Chase, got prorated annual fee rebates last week and I was hoping that SunTrust would follow suit, if and when they decided to discontinue their Skymiles Debit Cards. I closed my SunTrust Account last week, ahead of the $10.00 maintenance fee and yes, there was a staff reduction at the local branch and no chance of getting a prorated annual fee rebate with the maintenance fee each month. Just wasn’t worth keeping the account any longer.

  5. Could be. On the Business account, it may have dipped below $1000 sometime during the month. I thought I had it back above $1000 by the end of the statement cycle. I will phone CSR and ask.

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