Beach Villa at the Conrad Rangali Island Maldives

Our island host lead us to Beach Villa 106. The first thing I noticed was a wooden contraption to allow you to wash off your feet with a bucket of water.

As we entered the room, I was stunned at how truly beautiful the room was.

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Beach Villa at the Conrad Maldives
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You first walk into the hallway that is partly covered and partly outside. Two huge sinks are outside side by side with mirrors facing the bedroom. There is a door that can open and close behind you to close off the shower / tub area.


All the amenities are laid out for you, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and body lotion.


In the center, between the room and the bathroom is a water fountain. We never could find a switch or anything to activate it.


Some of my favorite things about this room are the attention to details. Take for instance the wooden ladder that acts as a towel rack – magnificent.


Next you come to the outdoor shower. There are high walls around the entire courtyard along with shrubbery – so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors grabbing a quick peek. 🙂 Showering outside was one of the coolest things about the Conrad.


This is the stone path leading to the most massive bath tub I have ever seen.


The massive tub. All the little touches are here from candles all around, to a roof with a ceiling fan and mood lighting. I’m a pretty big guy and fit with plenty of room in it. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination – it’s going to be pretty tough to top this.

Back towards the room, you can see the massive king bed


In one of the closets you have a safe, plenty of storage space, a place for your luggage, and lots of shelves. They also have umbrellas and rain jackets – so no need to take up valuable luggage space with these items.

A tip: it took a while to figure out – but since part of the room is outside and part inside, the only way the air conditioner will work is if you have both the bedroom door closed and the luggage storage area closed. When you close the luggage storage area door – look up at the ceiling in the luggage storage area and there’s a little red light on the ceiling. If it’s lit – it means you’ve closed the doors properly and the air conditioner will work. If it’s not – it won’t work.

The obligatory bathroom shot.

The obligatory bathroom shot.


There was non-alcoholic fruit beverage on ice waiting for us. For those you who imbibe, they will provide champagne.

The beach villas all have their own private entrance to the beach. This is a picture of the balcony leading out to the beach.

I also uploaded a video walk through tour of the beach villa so you can see every corner of the room.

When we first arrived, I was bummed that we wouldn’t be getting an upgrade, but after seeing the beach villa, the entry level room at the Conrad Maldives resort if you will – I was more than happy to redeem 50,000 Hilton Honors points a night. In fact, it made me angry that I squandered 50,000 Hilton Honors points per night at the Hilton Bahamas.

Our dream vacation had started off just right – with a fantastic room – though still no luggage.



  1. It looks so amazing!! Bora Bora has been my dream destination for a long time, and now Maldives is on the list too. I’m hoping to go to Bora Bora in 2012 and then Maldives 2 years later if I can accumulate enough points/miles. Thanks so much for your great posts and valuable information!

  2. I am enjoying the trip report very much. Free breakfast for Diamonds helps. look forward to hearing about Dining and Drinking cost. This trip is high on my list.

    • @beachmiles – will talk about in future posts – for us we got so full from breakfast we skipped lunch and ate only dinner so it ended up being economical

  3. So you had to pay the 400+ per person for the sea plane to the island? Thats makes the vacation go up in price quite a bit.

  4. wow! great pictures…
    am trying to decide if it’s worth it to make a trek there next year, so am loving all your info.
    keep it up!

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