Earn 50 Continental or United miles daily with foursquare or Facebook check in

Topguest and Foursquare have partnered for quite a while to reward users for checking in to hotel chains and to select airlines.

United / Continental have now joined and are rewarding users with 50 miles for checking in to select “United / Continental airports“.

It is easy to link up your Facebook or Foursquare account.

1. Register with United or Continental
2. Checkin at select United and Continental airports
3. Earn 50 award miles and get special offers in minutes

I have been checking in with Holiday Inn with foursquare and Topguest for over a year and have always received my points.



  1. I stopped receiving 50 miles about 4 days ago, even after I did the airport checkin every 24 hours. Maybe they caught on?

  2. Interesting statement here…with no definition what that means. Seems to contradict their hotel T&Cs…

    you’ll get 50 award miles each time you share your location at or near select United® and Continental® airports

    And can one register both and checkin to both thus getting 100 miles per checkin?

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