Airline World Cup Championship: Cathay Pacific vs Singapore Airlines

The championship game is here between the final two airlines in the single elimination Airline World Cup. Cathay Pacific vs Singapore Airlines!

Please vote for your favorite airline between these two to determine the winner of the Airline World Cup. The poll will remain open for 72 hours.

Please choose the winner of the Airline World Cup from these two airlines

  • Cathay Pacific (73%, 438 Votes)
  • Singapore Airlines (27%, 163 Votes)

Total Voters: 601

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The downloadable bracket of all the match ups can be found here.


  1. Flew with SQ a few number of times…. I’m addicted to it simply because of the great in flight entertainment and comfortable seats… But yeah, their crews aren’t the most helpful you can find. All the flight attendants I’ve met in other cheaper airlines will help me place my bags, or at least suggest me where should I put them if the baggage on top of my seat is full. But not with SQ flight attendants. They will just ignore you with everything, The best service you can get from them is when they serve your food and that’s all. Well, Singaporeans aren’t the most helpful peope to begin with so that’s what “helpful” in their standard I guess. (not being racist, because they’re of the same multi-races as Malaysian and Indonesian, but the last two have better hospitality)

  2. Well Done CX. Online booking site is another feature of your service. love your lounges. Food is great too – good choice selections.Would prefer a few more inches between seats in Economy but all in all our Preferred airline for all our travel.

  3. SQ is good and always welcome Western passengers but treat Asian passengers poorly.

    CX quality service is generally in average regardless nationality of passengers.

    For aircraft like 777 that I take in most time, it’s easy to find need for refurbishment from SQ’s.

    In conclusion, I’d prefer CX.

  4. Well, to most people’s idea, SQ has a strong brand presence in most of the countries regardless whether SQ actually flies to there or not, and I am sure for most people, regardless whether they have flown on SQ or not, they would hail SQ being one of the best in the world.

    Yet, despite not having a brand as strong as her friend in the South, Cathay does offers more benefits to her customers, and I am sure most of you would agree. First off, as most people here had mentioned, is the Reward Programme. Asiamiles and Macro Polo Club Member’s benefits is for sure second to none among top tier carriers. You can have a lot of choice to earn your miles, to spend your miles and even to enjoy FFP offers and invitations to functions etc. Although recently there are rising complaint to the difficulties in redeeming miles for reward flight, it just tells you the fact that MORE PEOPLE IS GOING FOR CX’S PROGRAMME!

    On hardware wise, SQ’s wide J class seat is decent and elegant, no one would ever not wish to ride on it one day. The herringbone seat that CX adopted was greatly criticized for claustrophobic, but the recently launched product is just a masterpiece with great balance of space, privacy and functionality. It doesnt come too wide as SQ’s, which some pax would find it hard to lean against one side. And with angling towards window, always a good skyview after a joyful sleep.

  5. oh forgot to mention that CX Silver member lounge access is to the ‘real’ Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong, and the same outsourced lounges as Business Class passengers for other airports with no CX lounge.

  6. HATE SQ’s attitude towards their elite frequent flyers!! If you’re a lowly KrisFlyer Gold (or Star Alliance Gold with partners) – you’re sent to this ‘KrisFlyer Gold Lounge’ at SIN – segregated from the SilverKris/Business Class Lounge (that is standard with Star Alliance carriers). And don’t get me started about their KrisFlyer Silver benefits – nil apart from ‘priority waitlist’ and ‘priority standby’. Even UA would offer more benefits to KrisFlyer Silver members than SQ to their own because they offer priority check-in and boarding to Star Alliance Silvers.

    In comparison, with the first elite tier in CX’s Marco Polo Club it already rewards you with basically all the perks you need (lounge access when flying CX/KA, priority check-in, priority boarding, etc.). And then there’s the decent chance of op-ups vs. 0.001% for SQ.

  7. beg to differ JagMan but I had one of my worst flights with Singapore. A blood-stained pillow (do they even wash those?!!!) and rather arrogant flight attendants.

  8. Been flying SQ economy and business they loosing ground on their ground staff and their lounges. I started with CX loved their staff on ground and in the air!!! Their lounge especially in Hong Kong is the best!!!!

  9. I travel a lot and it’s always with either Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines, thus making me very familiar with both CX and SQ.

    To me, Cathay Pacific is hands down the BEST! Their latest uniform is so elegant on the cabin crews. I love those red aprons for the air stewardess, those are really pretty, they look so lovely and oh those warm smiles πŸ™‚

    On top of that, Cathay Pacific crews are most helpful, I often see them trying their best to help the passengers with their baggage on the overhead lockers, while unfortunately, SQ crews would run away after showing you to your seats πŸ™ I was hoping they would help me to stow my baggage together, I wouldn’t let them do it all by themselves, I know they have some sort of a new rule to not lift heavy bags, for their wellbeing. On one of my flights, I saw a very petite sized Cathay Crew was struggling with a pretty bulky bag this mom with infant’s carrying. Nevertheless, she offered full help with the assistance of another crew πŸ™‚ Thumbs up for their teamwork and care for the passengers!!

    I see Cathay Pacific crews interact in a friendly manner with each other, they’re very polite and they are great to talk to on long flights πŸ˜€ But sadly, I remember an incident on my flight from Singapore to Brisbane with SQ, I remember vividly a senior crew snapped at a junior crew right in front of me, on the aisle, because of something she did (don’t know what for sure) I could see how distressed the junior crew was because she said to the senior crew that she’s only been working for 4 months. I hope that’s only one bad instance πŸ™

    But again, that is just my opinion. Both are leading airlines, I enjoy flying with both airlines. And to me, Cathay Pacific offers me more friendliness, comfort and assistance which I (am not going to lie) expect from a hospitality/airline industry :D.

    Love always,

  10. Both are equally good. Cathay wins for more generous with elite benefits. But SQ have a spic and span cabin, the First/Business class NO gimmick. I think is the best among all the airlines.

  11. Singapore Airlines have a spic and span cabin, almost obsessive with cleanliness even in economy. I had a cockroach flying with me in a CPA flight from HK and when I told the air stewardess, she screamed! Never again CPA!

  12. Both are equally good in their hard and soft products, but the tiebreaker is the benefits to frequent flyers. In this regards, Cathay wins – far more generous with elite benefits and premium class award inventory.

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