Fraudulent charges from Jose Manuel

Today my wife received a call from United Airlines in regards to some suspicious activity. Apparently, someone from Spain purchased a $5000 airplane ticket on my American Express Delta Platinum card. The passenger’s name was Jose Manuel and was flying from Madrid, Spain.

Good old Continental Airlines

Good old Continental Airlines

I have no idea if this is part of the Target data breach. I did find it amusing that the charge came through under Continental Airlines.

I think it would have been interesting to actually show up to the Madrid airport to meet Jose Manuel. He probably was also scammed by someone else for this ticket. After confirming that this wasn’t in fact our purchase, United cancelled the ticket.

Lo Siento, Jose Manuel.


  1. Target has changed their story and now says people who they had credit card info for we’re hacked whether they shopped in store during that period or not. The numbers went up a lot as well. Neiman Marcus also was recently hacked.

  2. FYI my Delta Plat was hacked as well (along with 2 others), but I had not used any of them at Target during the time frame they suggest is suspect.

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