Review: Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus

To readers: though this hotel is called “Four Seasons”, it is not a part of the fabled Four Seasons hotel chain.

I flew into the Larnaca International Airport and grabbed a taxi to the Four Seasons which was about a 45 minute ride. The hotel is located in Limassol.

Photo courtesy of Four Season Cyprus

Photo courtesy of Four Season Cyprus

I had booked a normal room for about $200. Check in was smooth and I walked up to my room.


The bed was large and extremely comfortable. There were multiple places to sit and with a nice HD TV.




There was a shower / tub combo with glass that closed in for a shower.





There was an enormous pool area in the back with lots of opportunity for sun and lots of seating around the pool.

The gigantic pool

The gigantic pool

View from above

View from above



The breakfast buffet

The following morning I had the breakfast buffet that had everything you could want. Fresh fruits, fresh baked pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice, and rows and rows of other foods.

Strawberries anyone?

Strawberries anyone?

Fresh squeezed OJ

Fresh squeezed OJ


The pastry selections

The pastry selections



The breakfast buffet was superb with everything you would want: fresh and healthy selections, made to order eggs, and a huge variety of things to choose from.

The customer service was outstanding, the food was superb, the accommodations were upscale, overall I thoroughly enjoyed my first stay at this hotel in Cyprus and it would be recommended to anyone traveling to the island.


  1. I’m not sure if you are aware, but this isn’t a ‘real’ Four Seasons Hotel. It is not part of the same Canadian luxury chain.

  2. I’m so sorry to inform you but you still haven’t staid at a Four Seasons property. They do not have a property in Crprus. Spouse works for them and although their May be property using that name it’s not one of their hotels. You can check their website for list and pictures of their properties and you will see major difference in price and quality than those shown in your review. You need to clarify in order to not confuse readers.

    • @Patrick and @Moody – thanks for pointing this out, I have updated the post to reflect this. I had a business associate book this stay for me while I was there and frankly didn’t look that closely at the details – which I should have before writing a review. It was a nice hotel nonetheless, but as you stated, this does need to be clarified.

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