American Express Small Business Saturday as we knew it is no more

American Express Small Business Saturday was one of the most lucrative annual promotions out there. In the beginning, American Express offered a $25 credit for spending at least $25 at local merchants. The best part of the promotion was that you could get a credit per authorized user so my family would get $300+ in credits. This promotion went on for several years.

Recently, they switched the promotion to be $10 credit for spending at least $10 at local merchants. They did offer it 3 times per card and as well per authorized user. Though it was a lot more work for the merchant, we were still able to scale the deal and get lots of gift cards and support local merchants.

It appears this year, the deal as we know it is dead. Per their FAQ page:

Is there an American Express Statement Credit Offer for Card Members for Small Business Saturday this year?
As in years past, American Express will continue to drive awareness of Small Business Saturday and encourage consumers to shop small through local and national advertising.

This year we are not offering a statement credit offer for Card Members on Small Business Saturday, but are instead increasing the support and resources we provide to help small business owners market the day within their communities and truly make it their own. Learn about the materials we make available at

Customizable marketing materials
Free online ads
Shop Small merchandise kits (while supplies last)
Educational event guides
We are also significantly expanding our grassroots advocacy efforts, such as the Neighborhood Champion program, to facilitate more community events and activities to engage local communities to shop small on Small Business Saturday.

Some silver lining is that some American Express users are reporting that they did receive an Amex Offer in the Offer page for Small Business Saturday, but it wasn’t on each account. It seems the offer varies as well with some folks getting $20 off $100 on business cards, while other received the $10 off $10 offer.

I checked all of my cards and did not receive the Small Business offer on any cards.

It was a good promotion while it lasted so check your Amex Offers and perhaps you’ll still be able to participate on a couple of cards but it won’t be like it was in the past.

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