Extend your Priority Club points expiration for less than $1

Intercontinental Hotel Group recently followed the lead of other hotel chains and instituted an expiration on Priority Club points.

Do IHG® Rewards Club Points expire?
To reward our guests who choose to stay with us more often, we focus more programme benefits toward members who earn and redeem on a regular basis. All points will expire after 12 months if there’s no account activity. But it’s easy to maintain your points balance. Just earn or redeem once a year through any of our IHG hotels or partners.

Here’s an easy way to extend your Priority Club points expiration for less than $1. You can simply do one entry into the contest below as first reported by fellow BoardingArea blogger – Deals We Like. The contest will allow you up to 94 entries – however if you don’t want to spend the time, 1 simple entry will help extend your expiration another year.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

Register for the promotion here.

On a 3 * 5 postcard or piece of paper hand write the following information:

Your Full Name
Complete Mailing Address
Day Phone Number
Evening Phone Number (I simply wrote my number once and wrote Day + Evening next to it)
Email Address
IHG Number
First 6 Digits of any Mastercard
Date of Birth

On the envelope, the rules state that you can’t use an automated system to participate. However, I wasn’t about to hand write 94 envelopes, so I went ahead and just printed my return address and the address for the contest directly on the envelope with a laser ptiner, and it has worked for every entry. It will be up to you whether you wish to hand write or computer generate.


Address your envelope to:
IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion
c/o HelloWorld, Inc.
P.O. Box 5996
Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996

Make sure and send every entry into a separate envelope. I put in 94 entries for myself, and 1 entry for my wife and 3 kids. Entries must be postmarked by February 15, 2016.


  1. This is also a quick way to earn 100 FF miles if you need. If your IHG rewards club account is set for miles instead of points, you will earn FF miles (100 miles in most programs per 500 IHG points).

    Why not do 376 entries for your wife and 3 kids?

    • @askmrlee – I wanted to get at least one in to extend their miles – I’ll just have to see if I am up to doing 376 hand written entries. Doing my own was a killer!

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