Smallest bag of peanuts from Delta Airlines – ever!

I recently was returning from Europe and was taking my final flight from New York City to Salt Lake City.

As the staff was handing out the snacks – I asked for some peanuts. As soon as I grabbed the bag, it felt like something was wrong. The bad felt incredibly light.

So I decided to take out my phone and document it.

That’s right – exactly 1 1/2 peanuts in my bag!

Now I now that there have been a lot of devaluations recently with Skymiles and other services but please Delta, your passengers are going to need more than 3 half peanuts to survive your flights!


  1. Cheer up! the way i see it – Delta has either some kind of service enhancement or ticket sales going up, they’ve cut some costs from other areas. they are truly genuine and don’t want you to miss those offers…after getting to the bottom nowhere to go but up, up, & up!

  2. Funny… obviously a packaging error from DAL’s supplier, but funny none-the-less. ATL is my home airport so I’m very familiar with Delta and these bags of peanuts. I don’t typically eat them, but I do usually ask for 3 bags (which the flight attendants always willingly give) so I can bring them home to my kids. I’ve never seen one so sparsely filled as yours. You definitely got a raw deal! DAL is probably my least favorite airline, which is a bummer because they practically own ATL. However, their peanut distribution services have not been a reason for my general displeasure thus far.

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