When will Intercontinental Hotel Group Rewards Club adopt even decent password security measures?

IHG Rewards Club uses a PIN number to secure your awards account, and a 4 digit PIN number at that.

While there are 10,000 combinations of 4 digit password, the 20 combinations below make up 25% of the 4 digit passwords people use.

1234 9999
1111 3333
0000 5555
1212 6666
7777 1122
1004 1313
2000 8888
4444 4321
2222 2001
6969 1010

Compare that to the requirements for Radisson Rewards as an example:

Your password must meet the following guidelines:
• be at least 8 characters and no more than 20
• contain one number from [0 – 9]
• contain one lowercase letter [a – z]
• contain one uppercase letter [A – Z]
• cannot be the same as one of your previous 5 passwords

Radisson even periodically has you change your password in order to ensure that you’re consistently using a better password.

In this era of hacking, it is time for IHG Rewards to completely overhaul their password requirements and allow the consumer better protection of their information by not allowing weak passwords.

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