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Caught on Camera: Nigerian Police Officer Extorts Tourist, Loses Job

a man in a uniform

There has been significant online discussion surrounding an attempted extortion incident involving Nigerian police officers, caught on camera and subsequently leading to their dismissal. Dutch motorcyclist Noraly, known as “Itchy Boots” on YouTube and TikTok, documented the encounter during her journey through Africa. As she traveled to Abuja, Nigeria, Noraly encountered multiple checkpoints, with one…

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Stranded Passengers Turn 8-Hour Delay into an Impromptu Hallmark Movie Production

a group of people standing in a room

Everyone has experienced a delay at airports, especially during the heavy travel season. Weather, airplane, and other delays can turn an otherwise normal travel experience into a nightmare. A couple of passengers stranded at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport decided to film a Hallmark-inspired movie during their eight-hour delay. Kristin Litzenberg fortunately shared the finished product…

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Ensuring Fair Prices: Salt Lake City International Airport’s Anti-Price Gouging Policy – Are Businesses Compliant?

a group of people walking in a building

My home airport is Salt Lake City International. The airport is currently in phase 2, where 22 gates in Concourse A will open by October 31, 2023. Phase 3 will include the much-anticipated new tunnel connecting the terminal with Concourse B, which is so far away that some people are rollerblading there, as well as…

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At What Point Do A Punk Rocker’s Shoes Become A Weapon?

a person holding a bag

I just returned from a timely vacation in Sweden, taking advantage of a 32,000 Delta SkyMiles roundtrip flash sale. While going through security at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, I noticed that the female passenger ahead of me was wearing metal-studded shoes. She was accompanied by a male companion who was wearing a metal-studded jacket. I wondered…

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A lady involved in a security incident aboard Carnival Cruise jumps overboard and vanishes

a body of water with clouds in the sky

A passenger on Carnival Cruise line jumped from the top deck after an incident with security involving a hot tub. Video posted on TikTok shows a lady being surrounded by four members of the security detail. She can be seen yelling out “Alicia”. The video then starts again after she jumped off the side of…

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Free Pecan Pie Bites At Select Airports With A Delayed Or Canceled Flight

a close up of food

Thanksgiving week is going to be a really busy time for air travel. 2.24 milliion travelers were screened on Friday according to the TSA marking the busiest single day of air travel before the pandemic. With that many people traveling, there are bound to be delays and cancellations of flights. American Pecan is offering a…

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Mormon Prophet tells harrowing story of a near death airplane crash for 45 years. Internet sleuths dig up contradictory details.

a small airplane on the ground

The current Mormon prophet is President Russel M. Nelson who is the 17th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For 45 years, he has told a faith promoting story about a near death experience he had flying in an airplane. “I was in a small airplane and all of the…

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Win 240,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles and tickets to Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

a rocky beach with trees and water

The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival is giving away 240,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles, a four night stay at Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach and 2 Priority Access tickets to the Hawaii Food and Fine Festival. This is a daily entry contest between July 1 and July 15th. You can enter here. The official rules can be…

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