The best way to track your frequent flier miles

With all of the programs out there, it oftentimes can get confusing keeping track of all the programs. Especially the ones that are seldom used.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the easiest ways to keep track of all of your miles and points.

My new favorite website is Award Wallet. You can add all of your frequent flyer numbers and accounts and it will send you emails with your balances. The best part is that it will also tell you your expiration dates as well.

You can also enter in your whole family to track their accounts as well.

I spent this afternoon submitting everyone’s numbers in. Here are our balances:

My Delta 250,000
My American Airlines 200,000
My HIlton 200,000
My Priority Club 260,000
My Marriott 120,000
Both of my kids Delta accounts: 20,000 each
My wife’s Delta account: 40,000
My wife’s American Airlines account 200,000
We’re also in the midst of earning enough points with British Airways to fly anywhere in the world in first class.

The point of this is not to brag, but just to show what flexibility I’ll have for our next trip(s).

We’ll have Marriott, Hilton, and Priority Club properties to choose from and three airlines to get the best tickets on.

While it certainly helps that I travel quite a bit, I also take advantage of every offer I can to earn more miles. I’ve switch to DirecTV, opened up bank accounts, and bought gold coins all for the sake of miles.

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