Florida family traveling to Hawaii busted for fake vaccine cards when their 4 and 5 year old kids showed their cards

Hawaii’s 10 day self quarantine is in place for all passengers. Exceptions are made for passengers who have been fully vaccinated in the United States.

An unvaccinated Florida family decided to produce fake vaccine cards to avoid quarantine. Everything went according to plan until their 4 and 5 year old kids also had vaccine cards. It is currently not possible for children under the age of 12 to be vaccinated in the United States. The family was arrested by the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office.

a man and woman posing for a photo

Geniuses – photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now

The family was charged with four counts and cited for $8000 and have since posted bail.

HT: Hawaii News Now


  1. So much for the idea of “vaccination passports.” If they are that easy to fake, how many others will make up fake ones, putting the rest of the travelers on the plane, train, bus, or ship at risk.

  2. Miz Cricket, every time I travel, where proof of identity is required, I present my passport. As a retired travel consultant, I encouraged my clients, after 9/11, to obtain a passport. Far too many states fought against the true ID driver license, some states still don’t issue them. I seriously hope those parents are issued a very high monetary fine.

  3. Your lead title in the main email states “FL Family Arrested Traveling to Hawaii With Fake Passports”.
    PASSPORTS?!?!?!??!? Are you freaking SERIOUS??
    Since WHEN does the U.S. require PASSPORTS to travel INTERSTATE (State-to-State)?

    Seriously get your editing proofers up to par and familiarized with the country’s “rules/requirements” before handing out such BS headlines.

  4. Americans are just plain stupid. For anyone to endanger other people by providing fake documents should be charged with attempted murder and thrown in jail for a very long time,, but in this country there is always an excuse to “get out of jail” free. It’s time that the court system stop listening to excuses and start applying the law to its letter.

  5. That’s what happens when you let your kids hand draw vaccine certificates. The crayon lettering always results in phony looking documents.

  6. No I don’t think that they should be locked up for years and years. Then their innocent kids would grow up as orphans. Make them wards of the state at taxpayer expense, or toss them on grandpa and grandma so they can jeopardize their retirement savings? Enough. Mercy. Fine them but let them go.

  7. @Hi yeah, they’d better kill them, right now! What the country, America!
    @Sean L “putting others at risk” – really? With fake docs?…
    I am successfully cured from planning to go to the USA any time, soon, although I visited so many times…

  8. There are 2 issues here:
    1. Making of fake documents which has a penalty and can be quite severe,
    2. The non existent vaccinations where one can bring Hamm both to themselves and people in their surroundings

    Point one has to do with a crime of breaking the bond of trust
    Point 2 has to do with the issue of harming others like using a shotgun at random What is the opinion of society for that? Although according to the law people are allowed to wear a weapon, … I wonder what the guideline are in the us society to shoot people at random.

  9. I hope it’s more of a punishment than just the few hundred dollars they paid. It should be akin to faking a passport (official federal document) with similar ramifications (which I don’t know but can only hope are more significant than that paltry amount).

  10. Fucking idiots on multiple levels. First, putting others at risk. And not even knowing the age eligibility. Wtf is wrong with FL and TX

  11. I think the people who are responsible for this pandemic want locking up and so do the people trying to take everyones freedom away.

  12. Idiots! Did they really think that giving their children,who aren’t old enough to get the vaccine, wouldn’t be super suspicious ?

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