BoardingArea Gold Coast giveaway winner

Using, the lucky number picked was #50.

That correlates with reader Kevin Maher who gives us the tip:

Focus on a single airline alliance and hotel chain as much as possible, having 50,000 miles in one program is infinitely better than having 10,000 in 5 different programs. It sounds basic (they’re loyalty programs after all) but the first decision as to which program to focus on is the most important.
Go ahead and collect the scrap miles/points for the others too, but donate them to charity or order magazines or other cheap redemptions.
Also – burn those points as soon as they reach a significant value you can use! Saving money today is better than maybe saving slightly more in six months.

Congratulations Kevin – you now move on to the final drawing of 20 people for the trip.

I’ll send you a confirmation email and will be rooting for you to win!

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