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Security Breach Tragedy: Man Intrudes Airport, Evades Authorities, and Tragically Meets His Fate in Airplane Engine

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A man at the Salt Lake City airport caused a disturbance at a retail shop, ran through a security door onto the airfield, found a plane in the deicing pad, and crawled into the engine, where he ultimately perished. A tragic incident occurred on January 1st at the Salt Lake City airport. A 30-year-old man…

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The New Terminal B Gates In Salt Lake Are So Far That Passengers Have Resorted To Roller Blading

a man wearing a mask and rollerblades

The Concourse B section of the Salt Lake City International Airport opened in October 2020 and passengers passing through are not happy with the distance from security. From Google reviews of the airport “SLC is without a doubt the most poorly designed and least user friendly airport I have ever had the agonizing displeasure to…

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Air Traffic Controllers Have Walked Up 25 Stories Every Day For Four Months

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At the Salt Lake City International Airport, an earthquake in March caused damage to an elevator to the control tower. This meant that air traffic controllers had to walk up 25 stories of stairs every single day for four months. The parts needed to fix the elevator were unavailable due to delays associated with the…

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Improvements have been made for future Mormon missionary pickups at Salt Lake City Airport

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The response from both Utah’s political leaders and national media was swift regarding the mob like scene on Monday night at the Salt Lake City Airport. Picking up a @Ch_JesusChrist missionary at @slcairport? Congrats! NOTE:🛩 Remain in vehicle 🛩One vehicle allowed per missionary🛩 Park on 2nd level of short-term garage🛩 Airport staff will direct missionaries…

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