Keeping track of promotions

One of the irritating parts of this hobby is when points and miles don’t post like they were supposed to.

For each promotion, I have to print off copies of all the registrations, terms and conditions and put them in a tickler file for later on.

Unfortunately, I often have to come back to this file to find out why in the world the points and miles haven’t posted like the company said they would.

Back when the Vinesse Wine Club was giving 4500 Northwest Worldperk Miles for joining their wine club, it took weeks and weeks to finally get the miles. They kept trying to get out of giving the points but finally relented.

The British Airways Visa Card still owes both my wife and I 5000 miles for adding an authorized user.

Another example is the recent Priority Club Visa Card that I signed up for. It seems like it would be pretty straight forward that the sign up bonus would post pretty quickly when you enter in your Priority Club number during signup. However, after three months and no points in my account I called them up.

They informed me that for some reason my number wasn’t in the system but that they had added it and assured me that it would post on the next billing cycle. Two billing cycles later – still no points.

Today I’m going to give them another call to find out what is going on. My advice would be to keep hard copies of any and all promotions because you unfortunately can’t always rely on the company to follow through with what they have promised.

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