Hungary Italy and Kazakhstan Day 5 – Gellert

Day 5 was a free day and so I enjoyed the delicious full breakfast. I never tire of the European breakfast that includes fresh bread and cheeses.

I headed off to one of my favorite thermal baths, Gellert. Gellert is certainly one of the most popular baths as can be attested by the large crowds that come. It has a beautiful interior and exterior bath. The exterior bath was still a bit cold to get in, but the exterior hot pools were plenty warm.

It’s quite easy to get to Gellert by simply taking the street cards.

By this time, my American colleagues had about had it with Hungarian food. I recommended a place that I had been to prior, called Fat Mo’s Music Club. Fat Mo’s is a nice mix of Hungarian and American food with about as big of a range of adult beverages that you could ask for. It is easy walking distance from all of the major hotels. They had a live band playing and it was a truly enjoyable experience with good food, friends, and music.

One word of caution to anyone going to Budapest – the girls walking up and down the street that try and talk to you are not interested in you. I try and do extensive research before going to any city and I have read about the “trap” that the local girls set. If you are approached by two girl’s that want you to go to the disco / club with them – don’t go. I’ve read that they will take you to the club and order a 1000 Euro bottle of wine. When you protest, the huge muscle bound Hungarian bouncer will approach the table to make sure that you have purchased your wine.

I used to just sit on a bench and watch the poor, unexpecting American businessman fall into the trap time after time. As they walked away arm in arm with the two temptresses, part of me wanted to yell out “Nooooooo – don’t do it. It’s a scam”. The other part of me was thoroughly entertained as to how they were going to explain a 1000 Euro charge on their credit card to their unsuspecting boss / spouse.

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