My Priority Club Crack the Case offer – 310,000 points


I just received my Priority Club Crack the Case offer – for 310,000 points.

The hurdles are also low.

1) Stay 20 nights
2) Stay at 3 Brands
3) Stay 2 Saturdays
4) Take a Survey
5) Get a Priority Club Visa

This will definitely be a promotion that I will be taking part in.

I love the creativity of the Priority Club marketing group. Last year they had the brilliant Hilton devaluation promotion. This promotion is a little more involved, but the bonus offered makes it worth it to go through all of the steps to earn the bonus.

My kids got their promotion offers, but for 200,000 and 180,000.


  1. @Chris..If you participated in HH lucky loser contest thing, call them and get your offer code. Any body participated in that is eligible.

  2. I think a big chunk for some people is the PC VISA Select card. People get offered ~60K for that alone, but if you already have it, then you’re screwed.

  3. Mine came yesterday. My offer was only for 61k. My wife’s offer was for 103k. I wonder why some people get offers so high and others are so low?

  4. That’s a fairly low threshold. Good for you. My hurdles are huge. If my IC RA status hadn’t just been renewed I would probably sound like the rest of the group that’s complaining. I do like their creativity though.

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