The Hilton Condrad Maldives ultra creative honeymoon suite

As I wrote about back in June, we will be going to the Hilton Condrad Maldives for an award stay next year. I’ve read a lot about the resort online – including stories about the unique underwater restaurant they have there.

To commemorate their fifth year anniversary, the Maldives is swapping out the restaurant for a honeymoon suite. You must book the suite fourteen days in advance by contacting the hotel directly.

While certainly a once in a lifetime experience, I can’t imagine how much they are going to charge for the privilege of staying there. Insert your Soprano – “sleeping with the fishes” joke here.

The bigger question is – is there a way to get the Diamond upgrade to the fish suite?


  1. You’ll really enjoy yourselves! My wife and I took a RTW trip in 2008 which included stops in both the Maldives and Bali. If you couldn’t have made the Maldives work out, Bali is a helluva a backup plan (we loved it so much, we went back to Bali this last summer – on CX first class using our AS miles, natch). The Maldives are unique, and you’ll likely be the only Americans at your resort. Ironically, given your routing, there were a lot of Russians in the Maldives. Menus in russian even.


  2. You’d not want to sleep in. It’s one thing to think of the view looking out but what about the view looking in?

  3. “is there a way to get the Diamond upgrade to the fish suite?”

    Sadly HHonors explicitly excludes upgrades to suites as a program benefit.

    And elite benefits are somewhat limited at this property in any case.

    But it’s still pretty impressive!

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