My British Airways buy one get one reward voucher arrives

I followed Gary’s advice and so we have enough British Airways miles for anywhere in the world in First Class.

I hit a $30,000 spend on my British Airways Visa Card this year which entitled me to a buy one get one reward ticket voucher. I was expecting to receive it by mail and was surprised to see a link when I logged in to my British Airways account two months later.

We’re already booked to the Maldives in 2011 and the voucher expires June 2012 and so now I’ve got to figure out where to take my free trip……


  1. How do you define “free”? The security fees and surcharges can run – as mine did – over thousand dollars a ticket!!!

    • @Jay – yes “free” should be used with quotes, but still an incredible value for First Class even with the surcharges and fees.

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