I’m a Premier Executive with United

I logged in to my United account today to sign up for 1000 mile email sign up promo only to discover that I am a Premier Executive with United!?

Living in a Delta hub, I always fly Delta so I am a bit confused. I don’t recall applying for any status matches or anything – perhaps United is just nudging me to go ahead and see what I’m missing.

I’ve been accumulating United miles ever since the 50,000 Visa card offer came out. Perhaps it’s time to book my reward ticket and see how the Premier Executives fare with United.


  1. I fly United a lot – I am a premier exec with United, a Silver (former Gold) with Delta – Delta was always my back-up airline when living in Milwaukee and New Haven, CT.

    I find getting upgrades fairly easy with United – not always, but good – 60%-70%. United does not upgrade on award tickets like Delta does with Gold and higher status – so don’t expect to get upgraded when flying on those promo miles.

    However, I bet you’ll like the economy plus section, something that certainly differentiates United from Delta – that, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a domestic seat for 25,000 miles on United either.

    Good luck, and I hope you like flying United . . .

  2. United must have tracked you down as a thank you from posting about the 1000-mile promo! j/k

    I’ve heard of unsolicited hotel status (e.g. SPG), but not United giving out 1P. If a friend of yours knows your number, though, perhaps they could have gifted it?

    If you can inch up to the international flight threshold, then you’ll be able to sample the Red Carpet Club as well…hope you can give that a try!

  3. @Erndog – thanks, I’m only ever flown Delta so perhaps my eyes have been clocked by a better product.

    @Rob – I’d love to see the RCC as I’ve been underwhelmed by Delta’s Crown Room.

  4. When you have a chance to travel internationally on UA, try their *A partner’s lounges, which are usually much better than the RCCs.

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