American Advantage miles for ordering Domino’s pizza

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and everyone has their favorite food for the big game.

Why not order some pizza from Domino’s AND earn some American Advantage miles?

First – register your credit card here

Then, go here and click on the “Order Now” button to be taken to the Domino’s Pizza website.

You’ll earn 1 Advantage miles per $2 spent at Domino’s – so it’s not like you’ll be earning a free trip to the Maldives anytime soon – but if you have an account that’s near expiration this is the perfect way to extend it cheaply and quickly.

As a Cowboys fan – Go Steelers!



  1. I’m a Cowboys fan as well how could u root 4 the Steelers! We’re competing w/ them 4 the most SB’s. Remember the ’70’s.

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