The $200 swim trunks

Well no sign of our suitcases yet and so I made the executive decision to head to the gift shop to find some swimsuits. I realize we’re on a deserted island – but perhaps they would have something reasonably priced. I found a swimsuit that was 3XL – plenty big for my gut or so I thought – perhaps they’ve been lying to us all these years in the US here I was feeling good about only being a 2XL.

I tried the suit on and man is it form fitting. Pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination and if I do any jumping jacks or roundhouse kicks I have a feeling they’re going to split in half.

Checked the price tag – only $200!? The lady gave me a 20% discount and so I walked out for a mere $160.

We’re the only Americans crazy enough to travel this far – plenty of Australians, Russians, French and British.

The breakfast buffet (free for Diamonds) was the most extravagant thing I’ve ever experienced complete with fresh juice bar. Plenty of videos and pictures when we return.

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