The worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in

I was going through some old files and found some pictures from one of the most interesting hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Two years ago I took my only trip to Venezuela. Venezuela is in the midst of a complete takeover by Hugo Chavez and it definitely made for an interesting experience. The hotel was booked for us by our local contacts.

It was old that you had an actual key in order to get in the room that you had to leave with the front desk for housekeeping on your way out the hotel.

Here you have a picture of the old 1970s style bed.

a bed with a blanket and luggage

And who needs box springs when you can just use a slab of concrete instead?

a close-up of a bed

Lastly, the sweet 13 inch TV perched up high with the curtains just waiting to be engulfed in flames by even the slightest spark

a tv mounted on the wall

I’ve never felt unsafe traveling anywhere – but in Caracas I felt uneasy the whole time. I will never return again!

What are some of the worst hotels you’ve stayed in?


  1. Using a slab of concrete rather than a box spring was probably so that they can someday convert the hotel into a prison for political dissidents (just kidding, sort of…).

  2. That looks like some kind of pay-by-the hour hotel. I’ve thought of mileage runs to Caracas, but I agree, I would feel very uneasy the whole time there.

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