A mystery itinerary

I received an email from a friend who has recently signed up for Awardwallet.com to track his frequent flyer miles and points.

Yesterday, he received a notification that a new itinerary had been added to Awardwallet. The problem is – he hadn’t booked any travel.

It turns out that someone else made a reservation but mistakenly put in his frequent flyer number and it’s in business / first!

a screenshot of a computer

So – what to do? Call the person (googling their name brought up a phone number)? Call Continental? Or let it ride and see if they notice? 🙂


  1. I keep having problems with Continental when trying to fix this…from 20 min hold times to a rep that doesn’t know what to do. It’s starting to be a complete waste of my time and I might just forget about it…

  2. Susan – I couldn’t see a reasonable scenario where the actual pax would have a valid reason to be upset for this person looking them up on the Internet to inform them of their (or their travel booker’s) error.

    Would you be upset at the caller if you received such a call?

  3. I believe I would let the person know…. or at least let the airline know. I’m not sure the person would like to know that your friend had been Googling his name and finding out his information. It will all get sorted out anyway and could just save all parties some time in the long run.

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