Maldives – Sunset fishing and Superior Water Villa

We spent the whole morning in the Water Villa and went over to Atoll very late. We only had about 20 minutes to eat before they closed it all down.

We headed to the main pool again while the staff came and retrieved our luggage again to move us to the Superior Water Villa.

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After a couple of hours at the pool, we went to our new Superior Water Villa.



Once again, the room was magnificent and very decadent.


Notice in the Superior Water Villa-there are two sets of robes, white quilted pair in the closet and print pair in the bathroom.





The view from bathtub looking out to the deck (The window allows guests to see out but not be seen from the outside; when you are on the deck the window is like a dull mirror.)


In the Water Villa and Superior Water Villa, the toiletries are from Bulgari.






View from the bed looking outside towards the jacuzzi on the deck






What room would be complete without a jacuzzi outside overlooking the Indian ocean?



We had a pretty tough time figuring out how to turn on the jacuzzi – it really wasn’t self explanatory.

Random buttons

Random buttons

Above are the button controls – you would think that one of these would turn it on. I tried for quite a while to push several different combinations of buttons, but nothing worked.

Eventually we had to call maintenance to come and show us how to work it.


Here are the controls that are behind a wooden door behind the jacuzzi. To start the jacuzzi, push the button on the bottom row to the right of “hand” button. You’ll thank me for giving you more jacuzzi time. 🙂

Here is some video footage I shot of the room as well.

After being sufficiently wowed, we went to do some more snorkeling around the resort.

We also hit happy hour at Rangali Island for half price virgin strawberry daiquiris. I drank two of them and therefore we were running a little late for our evening excursion. My wife and I had decided to go on a fishing excursion. We had seen one of the boats come into the dock several times during the week and it looked to be a pretty cool adventure. It was a speed boat with several fishing rods to pull in gigantic fish I assume. This is the type of activity that you normally wouldn’t do on your own and we decided it would be fun to go on a two hour fishing expedition.

We showed up a little late to the lobby area and there were other families with really small children waiting as well. It seemed a bit odd as I imagined us cruising through the ocean at 50 mph on the speed boat. Our guide showed up and all proceeded to head to the excursion.

As we approached the dock, the only boat that I saw was a long, pontoon type boat – the dhoni. It was apparent that we had signed up for the sunset fishing excursion rather than the big game fishing excursion. We boarded the boat with three other families, all with small children.

We started to head out to the sea, and the crew said that they weren’t going to go as far out to sea as they normally did because they didn’t want the small children to get seasick. They handed each one of us a hand made “fishing rod”. It consisted of a wood board with fishing line wrapped around it and a hook with weights at the end. One of the crew came over and put some bait on it for us and instructed us to drop it down into the water about 30-50 meters deep.

The last time I went fishing must have been when I was a Boy Scout. I was pretty bummed that we weren’t on the high speed fishing boat pulling out these large fish.

I dropped the hook and the sinker down in the water and let the line unwind itself very deep. It was amazing that the water was actually that deep this close to the island. As I patiently waited for a bite, I could feel some movement on the hook and quickly started to pull the line up. Nothing on the line. I preceded to continue this same routine for about 30 minutes, getting pretty discouraged that I wasn’t catching anything. One of the crew members came over and told me that the key was to pull the hook really hard as soon as you felt a nibble in order to hook the fish.

I decided to rely on his expertise and tried his method instead. Within about 20 minutes I had finally caught something. I tried to pull the fish in with my bare hands (since there was no rod) but even I wasn’t strong enough. One of the staff members asked if he could help and with amazing brute strength pulled the fishing line in.

As the fish came out the water – I had caught a beautiful red snapper!

I was pretty excited to catch something and threw my line back in to try and catch something else. About 20 minutes later I pulled up another fish – this time a surgeon.

My wife soon caught her own fish – a surgeon as well.


After the two hours were up, we wanted to stay out longer. The crew accomodated us and allowed everyone a few more minutes to fish which was generous of them. The crew really tried to help everyone catch something and have an enjoyable time. I had enjoyed the night fishing and were glad that we ended up going out on the dhoni afterall.

As we headed back in – the crew informed us that for $20 the Atoll Market would clean and prepare the fish you had caught and you could eat it for lunch the next day. Neither my wife or I enjoy eating fish which is sad given all of the destinations we have traveled to where they have fantastic seafood. We were ensured by the crew that our catch wouldn’t go to waste and that the staff on the island would eat it.

We went back to Rangali Bar for hamburgers and ice cream for a late dinner and then headed back to the water villa for some jacuzzi time while doing some star gazing at the crystal clear skies.

I feel like I can die at anytime as I’ve had a taste of heaven.


  1. We also went to Conrad recently ! Villas have changed so much since you have been there in 2016. We also experienced and chartered our own private traditional cruising vessel ( with crew ) .We booked via a local agency ( and it was such a wonderful trip, we visited so much of Maldives, local islands, uninhabited islands, sandbanks, virgins snorkeling spots, amazing reef and lagoons… It was just like a dream , totally different experience from resort holidays but I totally loved both of them !

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