New priority boarding benefit on Delta added for Amex Gold, Platinum,and Reserve cardholders

American Express and Delta have just announced a new benefit for Delta Skymiles Gold, Platinum, and Reserve cardholders. Starting September 1, 2011, cardholders will be given Zone 2 priority boarding along with up to 9 of their travel companions on the same reservation.

They will also be given a 20% discount on any in-flight food, beverage, or entertainment.

For non-elites, a Delta American Express card with a free checked bag for you and your travel companions plus priority boarding seems to make the decision an easy one.


  1. By agreeing to provide this benefit to Amex card holders, Delta is devaluing its Silver Medallion status. If you’re a Silver Medallion, you’ll now have to compete for baggage space on board the aircraft with people who paid the $85 annual fee for the privilege. Silver Medallions probably paid a lot more than $85 in airfares to accrue 25000 MQMs. Way to go Delta – further devalue your already useless frequent flyer program!

  2. More benefits make the card more worthwhile. The companion cert on the Plat Skymiles card pays for itself.

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