$10 free from American Express Serve

Having been a seller on Ebay for the past 11 years, online payment companies have come and gone. In the past I’ve used Ebay’s Billpoint, Yahoo Paydirect, Paypal, and Google Payments.

In the beginning of Paypal, they used to offer a sign up referral bonus with $5 for joining which helped to get a lot of people to start using their services.

American Express is jumping into the payment foray. Serve is American Express’s version of Paypal. You can pay for things online, you can use an app to send money to someone standing next to you, and you can receive money just as easily.

Signing up for Serve is free and they’re offering $10 for doing it. Simply go here and sign up for your account.

Then go here and answer one trivia question to be credited $10.



  1. Anyone know if you can still fund up to $250 via cc w/o fees? Serve says cc fees will start in 2012 but I recall reports they would start charging in Sep 2011.

  2. Beware that your credit card will charge you a cash advance fee if you fund SERVE from your credit card. I called SERVE to confirm this.

  3. @Rick – I went ahead and tried it anyways – funding $100 – I’ll let you know if it comes out as cash advance

  4. @Rick – I’m happy to report that the $100 funded by my Amex did not come across as cash advance

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