Free 39 week subscription to the Wall Street Journal is back

As I’ve blogged about before, these deals won’t last long. Rewards Gold is giving away a 39 week subscription to the Wall Street Journal by simply filling out a short survey here. No credit card is required.

I have personally done this deal and the Journal will come – no strings attached.


  1. Did this, but after still being given survey after survey to fill in finally just closed the browser window. Will I get the WSJ subscription after just doing the first survey? Do you need to do all? Or do you need a certain number of points? I’m confused!

  2. I joined back in April, have been receiving the WSJ for many weeks, and promptly forgot about RewardsGold. I have not received any e-mail offers, so I have had no other activity. I would like to extend the free subscription for another 39 weeks, bit they probably won’t go for that. From my account it looks like they advance you 4700 points then replace them as you do the surveys. I don’t recall what that music download is about, but it apparently cost me some points. Hope I enjoyed it? What is is about getting old? I forget…

    Date Points Description
    2011-04-19 1,000 Completed A Breakfast Survey & 2 Reviews
    2011-04-19 500 Refer 2 Friends
    2011-04-19 250 Join RewardsGold
    2011-04-19 -1,667 Constantinople Audio Download
    2011-04-15 1,500 Completed A Business Lunch Survey & 4 Reviews
    2011-04-15 1,250 Completed A Newspaper Survey & 3 Reviews
    2011-04-15 1,000 Completed A Wallets Survey & 2 Reviews
    2011-04-15 750 Refer 3 Friends
    2011-04-15 250 Join RewardsGold
    2011-04-15 -4,700 Wall Street Journal 39wk
    2011-04-15 0 Account Activated.

  3. @jfadds – I just did it again, fill out the first page, refer three of your friends and then do the surveys. After about 4 of them, it will ask you want you want your prize to be and you select Wall Street Journal at that point.

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