Guest Post: The Spouse and Upgrades debate, take 4 – by Deals We Like

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I figured I’d join in the spouse and upgrades debate as I have a great story myself. While I am writing this post, Mr. Deals is actually sitting next to me writing his side of the story (which was from the back of the plane). He’ll be posting this post as his Sunday Feature this week.
Exactly two years ago Mr. Deals and I decided to take a trip to Hawaii. We were engaged and our wedding was coming up in 6 months. Many people thought we were ridiculous taking a honeymoon before our honeymoon, but when Hyatt released their Faster Free Nights promotion we could not resist. I was able to snag two tickets from JFK to Oahu for about $600 a piece. I had a travel voucher from being bumped to cover the cost of one ticket, so out of pocket cost was about $600 – not too bad for two tickets to Hawaii! At that time I had Executive Platinum status with American Airlines but unfortunately not too many 500 mile upgrade stickers left. I only had enough stickers to upgrade my husband one way. We decided that the way home would be better since that was the red eye and we were going straight to work once we landed back in New York.  If you are not familiar with the way American Airline works only Executive Platinum members are given unlimited complimentary upgrades. Gold and Platinum members need to use their 500 mile upgrades which are earned by flying on AA flights. These upgrades can also be used on other passengers on the same itinerary.
Although I could have easily put in for an upgrade for my ticket on the way there and leave my husband in coach, I passed. I still needed to make sure that my fiancé at the time was going to show up for the wedding, so I could not push my luck too much. We sat together in economy class and that was that. I am a good sleeping, so coach seats do not bother me.
The way home, however, was a different story. I had put in the upgrade request for both seats immediately after we booked our tickets. While in Hawaii, we kept on checking our email for our upgrades to clear, but no dice. It was a Sunday evening red-eye so I was not surprised that the flight was pretty filled up. We got to the airport early to try to snag those business class seats, but the agent informed us that they had only one business class seat left. She asked if we were still interested or if she should take my name off of the upgrade list. With my status, chances were if I left my name on the upgrade list, I would get the upgrade. So here was the dilemma, to take the upgrade or not? At first I said absolutely not (remember, I still needed him to say “I do”). My husband, surprisingly, suggested that we take it and switch seats half way through. He actually was mostly excited for the business class meal, especially since it was an 8 hour flight.
I was cleared from the upgrade list and there I was sitting in business class while my husband was in coach. Good thing I got the first half of the flight as we never ended up switching! I did ask the flight attendant to send back the massive ice scream sundae to my husbands seat, which he did! My husband never came up to initiate the seat change and there was no way I was going to volunteer! The flight landed and I thought to myself, “this is going to be the end of it!” All was good though and instead it is a pretty funny story to tell others (at least I think so)!
So what would you do? Take the upgrade or no? While business class from Hawaii back to the states was not the same as an international flight, it was still pretty good!
Get better Jason!


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