$200 Platinum American Express Delta strategy

If you’re like me and made the awful decision to choose Delta as your airline for the $200 Platinum American Express airline credit, you’re probably struggling to spend the money.

Delta is offering 5 – 1 day Delta Sky Club passes for $99 right now through Dec 31st. I purchased two sets last night at a Sky Club. They are good for one year and can be gifted to anyone of your choosing. Unfortunately you have to purchase them at a Sky Club as they are not available online.

I will be switching my $200 credit to another airline at the beginning of the year.


  1. Why would you use your allotment to buy lounge access? The Platinum card already affords you access to the Delta lounge, not to mention AA and US.

    I’ve used my credit to upgrade seats on international flights, purchase food on cross-country flights and/or movies…I haven’t regretted choosing Delta.

    • @L – I was looking for something to flip in order to bring down my out of pocket . I usually travel for business and therefore don’t personally incur the fees you speak of

  2. So my Platinum is going to renew in March-ish, I don’t intend to renew, can’t justify the $450. Can I possibly take advatange of the $200 credit for 2012 up until March, get some gift card or something and then cancel to avoid the new fee? If so, that’s still $200 in my hands.

  3. I bought 4 $50 gift certificates on AA and got the credit on those purchases. Does DL offer gift cards? Might be worth buying a few. If you are going to fly DL anyway, then really no risk to you.

  4. This is my struggle too. I’ve “wasted” my allotment on in-flight beverages, just to use it. Luckily, I did manage to convince Amex to reimburse me for $150-ish worth of award ticket fees (which they *now* disclaim in emails, but still nowhere in official T&Cs) and $28 for award builder miles. 😀

    • @deltaplat – as a Platinum, I don’t have bag fees, don’t need change fee credits, so basically my $200 was relegated to buying airline food or Sky Club passes while others who choose American and Continental were able to buy gift cards towards airfare. This is why I will switch Jan 1.

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