1. Well at leas your knees aren’t touching the tray table, like my US Airways flight to MAD last year! Just remember, the pain now will make the destination so much more enjoyable.

  2. In 5 1/2 hours, you’ll be on Maui! Make sure to visit Five Graves, Five Caves off Makena for diving/snorkeling, it’s no ka oi!

  3. No offense, but weren’t you given the option at check-in to buy E+?

    To me it would be worth it, even if $90 for more legroom on a 5+ hour flight.

    Then again, every person has his/her price. 🙂

  4. I made the same mistake from DEN a LONG flight.
    By the end, my knees were gone and I could barely stand.

  5. To be honest you sound spoiled. I’ve traveled all over the world in economy. It’s not that bad. I prefer economy and saving half the miles than blowing it for a crappy meal and bigger seat.

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