Not the look Holiday Inn was going for

Each day I do my daily check-in via Foursquare at a Holiday Inn in order to earn 50 points since it was first announced back in June 2010.

Sometimes I forget, but for the most part I establish it as a part of my daily routine. It’s worth it to me to spend 10 seconds to earn the 50 points though if you did it each day, it would be only 15,000 Priority Club points per year. Perhaps not worth it from some, but definitely for me.

Today I noticed the first image that comes up as you check in on Foursquare to this particular Holiday Inn.

a man holding a gun

What better way to welcome you that Samuel Jackson aka Jules Winnfield greeting you with a pistol, most definitely not the look that the Holiday Inn Express was going for.


  1. Hi Jason! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you comment back and let us know which property foursquare location this photo is appearing on so we can take a look? -Megan

  2. That’s awesome! And I’m jealous. My topguest account was shut down a few months ago for checking into the local Holiday Inn almost daily.

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