Marriott Gift Cards 20% off with American Express card

Daily Getaways is offering Marriott Gift Cards for 20% off when you use your American Express card starting June 10th at 1:00 PM Eastern. Marriott Giftcards can be used towards stays at the hotel, spa treatments, golf, and food.

A $100 gift card for $80 – 410 Available
A $500 card for $400 – 308 available
A $1000 gift card for $800 – 75 available

The calendar of other giveaways are:

June 11th – Alamo
June 12th – City Pass
June 13th – Caesers
June 14th – Bush/Sea World – $45/$49 day pass
June 17th – Vegas
June 18th – Omni Hotel
June 19th – Club Carlson
June 20th – Pallazo/Venetian
June 21st – Avis



  1. I’ll skip the 3rd option.

    “A $100 gift card for $800 – 75 available”

  2. Ryan – It shows 11% and then mentions an additional 10% with American Express card coming out to 20%. Use any American Express® Card to get an extra 10% off.

  3. Are these pretty easy to use internationally? I assume you have to do the conversion to the $ of the country you are in and tell the staff to charge your card x amount. Have a stay at the Marriott Hong Kong airport and would love to pick up a $100 gift card or two and use it, assuming I will be able to get through on June 10.

  4. Is there restrictions on the usage of the gift cards or can you use them for any stay?

  5. it is 19% 10% off with the initial offer and then 10% off of that if you use AMEX==19% total

  6. @Dale – it appears that he answer is yes, though the conversion rate seems to not be very favorable and some foreign Marriotts don’t really know what to do with them.

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