Would you like some cheese with your wine?

I just finished a flight from London to Atlanta on Delta. The lady next to me was from England. She started off beverage service requesting a glass of white wine. Then during the next pass through she requested a glass of red wine with a double glass. After she finished that one off, she took the extra glass and retrieved a large plastic flask that contained more wine and poured herself a nice tall glass. Unfortunately for her, a Delta staff member passed by as she was doing this and explained to her that she wasn’t allowed to pour her own alcohol on the flight and that they would have to take the bottle. She wasn’t too happy about this but conceded without incident.

With one hour left, she requested another white wine and fifteen minutes later another white wine again. After downing her fifth glass, she started to complain to the Delta staff that taking her plastic bottle of wine was not allowed. The staff explained to her about an FAA regulation and even went so far as to bring out a manual of sorts to show her specifically where it states the clauses about alcohol consumption. This seemed to enrage the passenger even more as she started to argue with the staff member.

To her credit, the Delta staff member kept her cool and just walked away from the situation towards the back. The passenger got out of her seat and followed the staff member arguing with her the whole way. About ten minutes later, the passenger returned to her seat with her plastic flask.

I’m not quit sure how the passenger got that much liquid through security in the first place, but have any of you seen a situation on your flights involving inebriated passengers?


  1. People buy wine airside at the airport and put it in their flasks. Knowing the swill served on DL flights, probably not a bad move (assuming you don’t get busted).

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