$25 Amazon Gift Card for filing up at Exxon

Exxon gas station is trying to get people to start using their new SpeedPass+ app (iTunes link) (Google play link).


To sign up for SpeedPass+ you do have to offer a lot of information and use your checking account. When you launch the app, you’ll be asked for a driver’s license number, name, email address, and checking account. They’ll deposit two small amounts in your bank account two days later and you’ll confirm those amounts in the app to activate it. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go. You can scan a QR code at the pump or use location services and select the pump you’re at. Then you’re ready to fill up and pay using the app.

You can get a $25 Amazon Gift Card for free by using the SpeedPass+ app three times at the pump for $25 or more. I’ve already done this and once you’ve done your third $25 transaction, the Amazon gift card code pops up automatically in the app.


It’s quite simple to get a $25 Amazon gift card simply for filing up at an Exxon rather than your normal gas station.

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