I see you fellow deal hunter!

I always try to utilize Amex Deals. There is a current deal for $5 off $30 if you fill up at an Exxon gas station. I added this deal to all of my American Express cards through Twitter with the hashtag #AmexExxonMobil using TweetDeck.

Unfortunately, gas is so cheap and my tank is so small that I basically have to be running on fumes in order to fill up with $30 worth of gas.

The other day my fuel light was on so I pulled into a pump at Exxon in order to fill up.


I went to put my credit card in and noticed on the pump that the previous person had filled up with exactly $30.01.

$.01 over

$.01 over

I do this exact thing with these fuel deals – I fill up just 1 penny over the required amount so that I can take advantage of the deal again. I was very happy to see that there are others out there taking advantage of these deals just like I am.

So to the fellow deal hunter utilizing the $5 off $30 deal at Exxon in Utah – I salute you.


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