Video: “Demonic kid” screams for the entire 8 hour flight from Germany

Traveling with youngsters can be one of the most challenging thing possible. There really is no where for the kids to go if they start misbehaving and it’s not like the parents are asking for the kids to act up.

On a flight from Germany to Newark, a kid ran up and down the plane screaming for hours. A passenger on the flight recorded it.

The poster describes it as “demonic screams” and documents the screams each passing hour. As a father of three, I feel for this parent but also for the passengers who have to endure this for the entire flight.

Have you ever had an experience like this on a flight?


  1. You would think he would be hoarse after that many hours. Was he autistic or did he have some other issue? I can’t imagine his parent didn’t even attempt to control him. I know what my mother would have done to me had I behaved like that and these days she would probably have been arrested. But again, maybe he has some kind of issue?

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