The World’s Largest Costco Where You Can Buy Goat 🐐

Salt Lake City has several world class skiing resorts, has a brand new airport being built, but most importantly – has the world’s largest Costco. The Costco in Salt Lake City has an amazing 235,000 square feet of space. I decided to take you on a tour of some of the cool and unique things offered there because what else is there to do right now and when will ever have a chance to visit the world’s largest Costco?

a man standing in front of a store

As I approached the entrance line area, a man on top of a pallet with a bullhorn announced that they had toilet paper in stock. This trip couldn’t have started off better.

a group of people standing on a wall of blue crates “Behold, we have toilet paper”

The entire area was blocked off by an impressive row of shopping carts.

a row of shopping carts and orange cones

The area to line up for social distancing purposes

I lined up six feet apart from everyone else and waited for our turn to enter.

a group of people standing in a parking lot

A line that went quite fast

After about fifteen minutes, it was my turn to enter Costco.

people standing in front of a store entrance

Entrance to Costco, have your membership card ready

Toilet Paper

I went to the very back of the store to start with in order to secure one of the hottest items of 2020, toilet paper. There were pallets and pallets of it. What a weird time to be alive with the giddiness that is seeing toilet paper.

a stack of toilet paper in a store

The holy grail – toilet paper!

The Gigantic Dairy room

This Costco has it’s own walk in Dairy room where they have all kinds of cheeses, buttermilk, milk, eggs, hard boiled eggs, and many other dairy items.

a store with a cart and a person pushing a cart

Enter the Dairy Cauldron

a man pushing a cart in a warehouse

Not for the lactose intolerant

a warehouse with shelves of boxes and boxes

Even more dairy

Unique items

This Costco also carries full size roasting pigs, goats, and bone in lamb carcase.

a stack of boxes in a window

Goat Cubes

a group of white bags with red text

Gigantic lamb carcase

Here is a box of whole dungeness crabs for $8 a pound.

a white box with blue text on it

Whole Dungeness Crab

Full size ducks are also available.

a group of white boxes with black text on them

Full size Ducks

a piece of meat wrapped in plastic on a wooden stand

Serrano ham

The Meat Room

There is an entire room of meat. I love to BBQ on my gigantic Traeger and there is an impressive selection of high quality, low cost meats. Try grabbing at least a 4 lb. Eye of the Round and make some amazing French Dip sandwiches. I personally like to cook it to 145 degrees with some au jus and provolone on buns.

meat on a shelf in a store

A BBQ heaven

a shelf with meat on it

a shelf with meat on it

meat on a shelf in a store

a shelf with meat on it

boxes on a shelf in a store

Bakery Section

There is a full size bakery section with muffins that come individually wrapped.

a store with a man standing in front of a store

Gluten for everyone

Like normal Costcos, there is a section for clothing.

a store with many televisions

Rows and rows on merchandise

a store with many different types of swimming equipment

Rows of Frozen Items

There are rows and rows of frozen items.

a cart in a store

Lots of frozen items

a store with many televisions

Rows and rows on merchandise

a large warehouse with boxes stacked on each other

After spending about an hour in there, I ended up with raspberries, curry sauce, bar towels, honey walnut shrimp, toilet paper, two things of pepperoni pizza, peanut M&Ms and a carrot cake. It was quite the random assortment of items.

a shopping cart full of products

My haul

The checkout process

There was no one in line at the numerous checkout areas. I stayed behind the Costco glass and used the tap to pay with my Costco Visa card.

a group of people in a store

The checkout area protected by glass

a group of people in a store

Heading toward the exit

a large glass door with orange cones in front of a building

The exit

Thank you for reading my trip report to the World’s Largest Costco in Salt Lake City, Utah. I hope the next time you visit our great state, you’ll take some time to come visit and buy some BBQ meat, a duck, or a twenty pound bag of cheese.


  1. We go to 3 different Costco stores in Tucson, Az. We go about twice a week. We love to shop at Costco. Even when we don’t really need anything we spend $100, easily. We don’t t by liquor from Costco since they stopped selling the Berringer White Zinfandel, we love the samples, and usually find something else we enjoy. I can hardly wait to get to the largest Costco. I’m so excited.

  2. As a few others have posted – this Costco for whatever reason is a combined traditional Costco with a Costco Business Center.

    The pictures of the larger dairy and meat departments are typical of a Costco Business Center – in fact – Costco (up until recent events) provided jackets for you to use while walking the very large refrigerated sections. At the Costco Business Center I frequent – they have a very, very large walk-in refrigerated section that combines dairy, produce and meat. Frozen is another section – using the traditional reach-in doors among several aisles.

    As far as the muffins – the Costco Business Centers do offer pre-packaged muffins – along with other packaged bakery items geared for businesses like mine who sell those items (Costco though is not always the least expensive – Los Angeles is a competitive market) – and nothing to do with corona virus – Costco Business Centers have always offered individual-sized portions for the c-store/small store and restaurant trade. Also, for my needs – a much larger variety than my local Costco.

    Many Costco Business Centers also offer Copy/Print/Banner services and the Food Court. Some have a fuel center and any that I have visited have the coffee grinder…lol

    As far as the Utah location – I’m wondering if it was a simple real estate decision on the part of Costco – that the Salt Lake market is not large enough (yet) to support a stand-alone Business Center – and with the large LDS population, many who store food – the Super Costco at this location made more practical sense – used by traditional members, members who purchase large quantities for food storage needs, etc., an then the business members for re-sale of items (pre-packaged muffins, etc.) and the restaurant trade.


  3. Cool Article. I work for costco. Best company to work for by far!! And as far the message from Gary Olson. Our President is the best we have had since Regan was in office!!!

  4. I loved your article. I didn’t know that this Super Costco existed. I love going to various Costco stores to see what kind of regional items they carry. I really liked going to the Costco in Hawaii. They definitely had some great snacks, clothing and food. Several years ago I lived in Saint Roberts, Missouri and the closest Costco was 2 hours away in Saint Louis. Talk about having serious Costco withdrawal. I look forward to checking out this Costco in Utah.

  5. Great post on Costco. The next time I am I’m Salt Lake to ski, I will definately tour this Costco.

    What a great time to do this story with few people in the store during the Corona crisis! I would rather read about this than the constant news coverage of the Corona crisis!

  6. I enjoyed seeing what they offer in that Costco store. Thank you for sharing your experience and with pictures.
    I wish that the people with negative comments find happiness sometimes in their lives. The world will be so much better.

  7. I am a HUGE Costco fan. Sadly we moved to Melbourne Florida a few years ago and left California having two Costco’s within 20 minutes of each other. Marina Del Ray & El Segundo/Redondo Beach. The closest Costco to me now is an hour drive to Orlando, but I still pack up my hot/cold Costco bags and make the drive over once every 30-45 days. Thank you for your post. When in Utah next I’m definitely going to stop in and shop, it looks amazing.

  8. Worlds largest Costco but, you will not find coffee grinders to grind your coffee and there is no wine or liquor sold in the Utah stores.

  9. Another ridiculous state law is in Georgia, each retailer is allowed just two liquor licenses. Why? Because established license holders paid off politicians to pass this law many years ago seeing the competition on the horizon. Before it became law they filed out two licenses to each family member, and associate etc, thereby holding dozens of licences to crush future competition. Typical politics for sale at the cost to consumers and big business alike. It’s criminal and it’s done regularly in plain sight. Democracy is a dream that has died due to greed and corruption, period. Another ga factoid is”the rule of thumb”
    Look it up.
    Stolen elections, voter suppression etc, yes, Georgia has it all. I used to live there and I’m quite happy to have left GA in the rear view mirror.

  10. I live in So. Calif & go to Marina Del Rey Costco, good shopping place. Will they ever bring goat meat to our Costco? And also Lamb with bones. Would love to have them here . Cost prices are so reasonable too .

  11. I’d like to get on your list for a Costco also, all we have is a Sam’s Club. Grand Junction or Delta, Colorado would be great. I have to go to SLC or Eagle, CO to shop the nearest one. Thanks

  12. I own a small business and found this very upbeat. Going out with my gloves and home made masks are my only outing. Lifting spirits is great

  13. If you want to have healthier, long term customers, quit selling meat. Seriously! That’s why we’re in a pandemic. That and a horrible president.

  14. This looks like a business Costco combined with a regular Costco. The dairy fridge and huge selection of meats is something you can find at any Costco Business Center. If you are closer to one of those than this huge Costco, I suggest you shop there. Even if you want Lamb, Goat or Pig (they have them whole).

  15. Amazing, thanks for the time spent posting this. We love Costco and now feel a need for a road trip. Lol. I didn’t know any Costco offered these unique items. Stay safe.

  16. It is so upsetting that we cannot get a Costco near us. They are all over the world (our daughter had 2 within 10 miles@@)
    We have to drive an hour to get to one. We live in the fastest growing community in the country

  17. I love COSTCO and enjoyed reading your article. Good work.

    In normal days how was the people traffic and does it really worth it for Costco?

  18. Wow I work for Costco in Pompano Beach Fla. Nice to see this Costco. I work in the bakery. Muffins wrapped individually? Would love to see this. Must take a long. Time doing it that way

  19. Volim kupovati u Costco ali jedini problem je sto je sve u prevelikim kolicinama. Fobro je snabdeven sa mnogobrojnim artiklima, odlican je

  20. Heyyy, that’s the Costco I worked at. I’m glad you found this place an amazement. Some members who never been to our location would say it is SO BIG and sometimes even get lost hahahaha super cool to see an article about Utah’s BIGGEST Costco.
    #TeamCostco #TeamD19

  21. Thanks for the tour! Where is this store located? I never realized they had so much meat. Looks like it wasn’t that busy and nice wide aisles to maintain social distancing.
    Who would’ve thought this was here in Utah!

  22. Really poor judgement to do a store trip report during Corona. Plus you spent an HOUR in the store. An hour, others had to wait for you to leave.

    But I guess anything for clicks, right???

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